[Android] Android Development for Beginners (1)

 [내용정리]  Android Development for Beginners LESSON 1

  • TextView (View)

참고 : android developers #androidDev #protip

  • ImageView (View)


-orientation : vertical / horizontal
-width , height , weight
android:layout_height of each view to "0dp" (for a vertical layout) or the android:layout_width of each view to "0dp" (for a horizontal layout). Then set the android:layout_weight of each view to "1".

-기준 : <Top, Left>
-attributes의 default 값은 false ;
-centering attributes : layout_centerHorizontal/VerticalRelativeLayout
-그리는 순서에 영향을 받는다Overlapping

  • Padding   VS   layout_marginpadding_margin